Estate, Consignment, and Moving Auctions in Topeka, KS

-- All bidding in person --

Attention Please:

Sorry folks, we’re going to have to cancel again. 🙁 It’s just too cold and we’d rather be safe than sorry – it’s just not worth it. Please put the 27th on your calendar as our next auction and we’ll see you then! (Assuming Mother Nature is done throwing a fit.) 

We cannot accept ANY consignments for several weeks, we are so over packed with goodies that we HAVE to get to them. Please text/message me and we can reschedule later if needed. I am so sorry for any inconvenience but everyone here said if I accept anything else that they would stuff me in a closet and lock the door, so let us get caught up and we’ll be ready for a great winter.

Thanks to all!


If there is not an auction listed here, we are working like mad getting read for the next one, taking pictures and getting organized. Do check back to this page for a preview of what’s going to be in our next auction. In the meantime, join us on our Facebook page!

A GREAT BIG Thank You for supporting us and taking the time to vote!

This makes me so happy!