Newsletters Notification

Hey everyone! We have discontinued the newsletter/email notification of the auctions. We know – it was very convenient but the compatibility with the website wasn’t working so we’ve gone strictly to Facebook notifications. ¬†We’re working on a solution but in the meantime, please “LIKE US” on Facebook to get the notifications of when a new auction and pictures have been posted. ¬†Normally (through the winter) this will be Thursday evenings, if you’d rather just check the website. Thank you everyone!

Summer’s Over

Well, almost over anyway. School is back in session, the leaves are starting to fall and the mornings are cool… that means we’re moving the weekly auctions back to Saturday nights!

Stay tuned! This week’s auction will be up soon!


Thanks for stopping by! We have a consignment auction almost every single Week at our Auction House, at 5pm! (Sometimes the time changes so be sure to check the details of the auction you plan to attend.) If you see an auction on the calendar but can’t find any photos or info about it, don’t fret, but check back the morning before the auction.

Have a wonderful week! If you have any questions, please call!