Ok, it’s official!

Ok, it’s official….we will moving to 505 NW Lyman RD, 1 block west of N Topeka Blvd. on Lyman Rd., behind the quonset hut. Its a smaller place but there are TWO acres of of graveled and concrete parking. I am really looking forward to this, and watch here for info. about when we will be there. For now, there is this Saturday auction, May the 28th at 5pm, then we will be on Wednesday’s the rest of the summer. So next week there will be an auction on Wed. June 1st, and not Saturday…….watch this web site for updates and thanks so much for all you business and friendships!


Thanks for stopping by! We have a consignment auction almost every single Week at our Auction House, at 5pm! (Sometimes the time changes so be sure to check the details of the auction you plan to attend.) If you see an auction on the calendar but can’t find any photos or info about it, don’t fret, but check back the morning before the auction.

Have a wonderful week! If you have any questions, please call!